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This low-impact, eco-friendly prefab cabin consists of two prefabricated modules separated by a 9ft wide unroofed breezeway. This modern cabin is also surrounded by a 16×40ft platformed wooden deck.

With Nordic-inspired design and angular cedar detailing, the prefab BlueSky Mod cabin consists of a 12X24ft main sleeping cabin as well as a smaller 8×16ft washroom unit. The auxiliary unit includes a fireplace, wood-burning sauna, compost toilet and a shower/bathroom.

Model: BlueSky Mod.
Total floor space: 280 sq ft. – 994 sq ft. (including outside deck).
Green features: Composting toilet for ‘off the grid’ living.
Small model total floor space: 16 X 40 feet.
Price: $127,000.
Cabin design: Todd Saunders.
Manufacturer location: Toronto, Canada.
Prefab plans: Available.

By | April 12th, 2009

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  1. Jenene says:

    May I also obtain the floor plans to Prefab BlueSkyMod Cabin?

  2. Hal Gottlieb says:

    I agree with Andy Martin (many years later) and would be interested in seeing the plans on this home. The design looks just perfect for what I would love to live in. Thank you in advance if this actually reaches someone.

  3. Andy Martin says:

    can you please supply me with the plans for the Prefab BlueSkyMod Cabin. It says on your page prefab plans available

Any thoughts?