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The m-house, (pronounced ‘mouse’), is a modern prefab home which arrives in two pieces, each 3m (10′ approx) wide flat-packed into two 40′ standard shipping containers. The pieces are then joined together on site, which takes about a day.

This prefabricated house needs no foundations since it fits the legal status of a caravan or trailer – its wheels are concealed beneath a huge projecting deck; you can use it as a permanent home, a holiday home, office or studio.

Model: m-house.
Total floor space: over 1000 sq. ft.
Price: £150,000.
Prefab home design: Tim Pyne.
Manufacturer location: Kent, UK.
Prefab plans: Available.

By | April 19th, 2009

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  1. Jeanine says:

    Please, I need much more information regarding prices it’s all about how much bottom line it cost to get it looking this way and how long it takes to get this way!!?!???? IS IT POSSIBLE FOR LOW INCOME !!!??

Any thoughts?