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This wooden prefabricated home is a dome shaped house, which can rotate towards or away from the sun, balancing inside temperature and reducing energy consumption while providing at the same time, a change of scenery.

The circular, prefab Domespace can be used as a single family home, a guesthouse or a multi-dome community. The larger models can be used for schools, restaurants or even hotels.

Model: Domespace.
Green features: Passive solar energy, balanced humidity and virtually no chemicals.
Small model total floor space: 656 sq. ft.
Price: $70K.
Large model total floor space: 6307 sq. ft.
Price: $335k.

Home design: Patrick Marsilli and Solaleya.
Manufacturer location: Upstate New York.
Prefab plans: Available.

By | May 10th, 2009

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  1. carolina says:

    can you tll me the price in dollars..
    how much are the plans for a 12 mt diameter dome?
    are you available to work in chile?

Any thoughts?