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If you’re looking for a prefabricated garden home office or studio to work or simply relax with a good book, then check out Hut. Whether custom-made or self-build kits, their small prefab cabins are all beautiful and full of character.

No need for special skills, Hut’s prefab kits are supplied with all components including windows, doors and fixings and a full set of instructions. The prefabricated structure is delivered in pre-constructed panels – ready to be bolted and screwed together.

Green features: Models are hand-built using only wood from sustainable sources certified by the FSC/PEFC.
Model total floor space: 4.8 -17.28 sq. meter.
Price: £6,900-£11,500.

Prefab home design: Hut Garden Offices Ltd.
Manufacturer location: Dorset, UK.
Prefab plans: Available.

By | June 18th, 2009

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  1. Toti O'Brien says:

    Please can you explain the range of costs (does is correspond to a range in dimensions?), plus shipping costs to Pasadena, California, and installations details?
    Thank you!

  2. Andy Sturton says:

    Please can you email me your product list, do you work with agents?


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