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The Conhouse (container + house) offers the benefits of mobility, modularity and prefabrication in customized, small-size housing container units. The Conhouse can grow or contract depending on the actual spatial needs of its occupants so you could enjoy it as a weekend home in the mountains or an urban rooftop apartment.

This small prefab is a two-story home based on a unique composition of two shipping containers. The upper container overhangs the main entrance, creating a shaded pathway leading into the house as well as a shaded rear terrace. The exposed roof of the main floor doubles as a rooftop patio, accessed by a sliding glass door.

Models: Standard, Style and Prestige.
Price: €500 per sq. meter.
Prefab home design: Jure Kotnik Arhitekt.
Manufacturer location: Slovenia.
Prefab plans: N/A.
Prices: N/A.

By | June 28th, 2009

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  1. Sean Latham says:

    How much does this big thing cost in total? Can it be developed off grid in wilderness Illinois? Very interested. DO you do custom projects as well? Thanks!

Any thoughts?