Container Zigloo Domestique

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See what you can do with eight used shipping containers stacked on a residential lot; Keith Dewey constructed his own prefab home by combining standard containers with style and design.

The prefabricated Zigloo Domestique is a modern home with two floors, a basement and multiple balcony spaces. It includes an open dining/living room space, a unique staircase with skylights at the top, an office space and a master bedroom.

Model: Zigloo.
Total floor space: N/A.
Green features: Bamboo floors.

Prefab home design: Keith Dewey.
Manufacturer location: Vancouver Island, Canada.
Prefab plans: Available.
Prices: N/A.

By | July 27th, 2009

Hello Prefab Fans!
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  1. Alia says:

    Would like more info. On this home? Plans? Costs? Etc..

  2. Scott Pelletier says:

    I love this design, can you send me more information please, Thank You Kindly

  3. Tanya Pearce says:

    Hi ,pls send me info, & any display sites in Riverina Area nsw 2713 [Australia ] I’m in love with this concept & this design particulaly; many thanks tanya *_*

  4. george mihai says:

    Helo, could you please send more information about this house?
    Thank you kindly!

  5. rasmus says:

    Absolutely love the place, is there Any chance i could see the plans for inspiration as well?

    Thanks in advanse

  6. Kinga says:

    Can I get plans for this house? It’s great!

  7. Mark Duncan says:


    Nice house, Where can i obtain a set of plans ?


Any thoughts?