Prefab Trailer Home

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This prefabricated house offers the flexibility of a mobile home or portable office with a custom built home quality of construction. It’s delivered on wheels and can be removed when no longer needed.

This small prefab can provide an extra space to your existing home. It can also be used as an art studio, a caregiver cottage, a portable office or a back yard shed.

Total floor space: N/A.
Prefab home design: Little House on the Trailer.
Manufacturer location: Petaluma, California.
Prefab plans: Available.
Prices: N/A.

By | October 5th, 2009

Hello Prefab Fans!
FYI, our team only writes reviews about beautiful prefab homes, cabins, and shipping container homes. Unfortunately, we cannot provide any prices, plans or additional information - sorry for the inconvenience. Kindly contact the manufacturers directly for more info.
  1. Tanya says:

    Why is it that when you are asked about cost to build and delivery….you never give an answer?

  2. Aimee Terhart says:

    I like the idea of the pr fab trailer home. Can you send me more info? What do they cost, and the floor plans….

  3. Toti O'Brien says:

    I would like to know cost, shipping cost to Pasadena California, installation details and dimensions.
    Thank you

  4. debra says:

    Would like more information on this type of trailer for my parents!!! would like to put in our back yard do we need permits and what is the cost of the smallest one???

  5. Dave Guarnieri says:

    Need land in CT or RI

  6. Chuck mcgregor says:

    Love it info plz

  7. Jody Lacey says:

    Like information on a small guest house for the back yard, with plumbing

  8. Therese says:

    Would like to know cost and square footage of the trailer home please

  9. Sheila Hill-Lorenz says:

    Please send info. on purchase price and if I can come pick up.

  10. Tanya Perez says:

    I would like to get more information on prices and square footage on the little house on the trailer?

  11. McKay says:

    Link to manufacturer?

  12. Hi

    I discovered this web link for the small pre – Fab home

    ( Trailer Home ) and would like to secure some additional information on the unit . Cost , sq. ft. options avilable , as well as the location and the cost and possiblility of transport to a location in southern Oregon . Thank you , and I look forward to hearing back from you .


  13. Kathy says:

    We are looking to perhaps put a home office in our backyard, approximately 400 sq ft…can you please let me know what the options are, costs involved, etc.? Thanks so much!


Any thoughts?