Prefab Stargazing Cabins

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Available for rent in France, these lovely cabins are small, prefabricated cube-shaped units, made from recycled wood, featuring a transparent dome for stargazing vacation getaways.

Each cabin includes a double bed and sofa bed, kitchenette, shower and toilet, parquet floors, flat screen TV and MP3 socket as well as a sky observation kit with an astronomical telescope, a stellar chart and astronomy games.

Model: Carré d’étoiles.
Total floor space: N/A.
Prefab home design: Louis and Nathalie Blanco.
Manufacturer location: Cuffy, France.
Prefab plans: N/A.
Prices: Available.

By | February 24th, 2010

Hello Prefab Fans!
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  1. silvano sikic says:

    werry interesting,send me please prices for Italia.

  2. Jovic Garcia says:

    Good day my name is Jovic Garcia from the Philippines , I am interested in having this Pre fab cabin in my vacation lot , hope you can give me more information about this cabin and please inform me if your company can ship this in our country and if yes , please give me total landed cost here .
    Hope to hear from you soonest possible time.

    Thank you,

    Jovic Garcia

  3. c sections says:

    for the guy who postedlastpostabout costs of steel sheet,it realy depends where you go to buy it, hi tensile is aboutsix ninty pounds per metric tonne and standard is around £640 per ton- hope this helps

  4. sCOTT dUNAWAT says:


Any thoughts?