Prefabricated Floating House

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Apart from its stunning location on a remote island in Canada’s Lake Huron, this home features unique prefab design and construction challenges – It’s a two-story summer house that floats atop a structure of steel pontoons, gently swaying along with the lake. …See what I mean?

The site’s limited access and the construction of this modern getaway home is one of its impressive features; instead of using traditional construction processes, the architects decided to use Lake Huron as a waterway, where construction materials were delivered to the contractor’s fabrication shop, located on the lake shore.

The steel platform structure with incorporated pontoons was constructed, then towed to the lake outside the workshop, where on the frozen lake, near the shore, the fabricators constructed the house. The structure was then towed to the site and anchored.

Model: Floating House.
Total floor space: N/A.
Prefab home design: Mos Architects.
Prefab plans: N/A.
Prices: N/A.

By | July 14th, 2010

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