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Delivered completed, ready to live in, to your site right on the back of a flat bed truck, this small prefab house is a fusion of modern technology and practicality which will give you peace of mind.

This prefab home series features various sizes and customized features; a studio with a living/sleeping room, kitchenette, bathroom, and a closet, to a compact home with two bedrooms, a bathroom, a Kitchenette, a living space, dining space and a covered deck.

Model: ZenKaya.
Studio model total floor space: 20.4 sq.m.
Two Bedrooms model total floor space: 61.2 sq.m.
Prefab home design: ZenKaya.
Manufacturer location: South Africa.
Prefab plans: N/A.
Prices: N/A.

By | July 21st, 2010

Hello Prefab Fans!
FYI, our team only writes reviews about beautiful prefab homes, cabins, and shipping container homes. Unfortunately, we cannot provide any prices, plans or additional information - sorry for the inconvenience. Kindly contact the manufacturers directly for more info.
  1. Eric Junius says:

    Good morning.

    I was approached by a client for pre fabricated houses.
    Could you kindly provide me with prices for 100 two bedroom houses and 100 one bedroom houses delivered in hentiesbay Namibia.

    Thank you


  2. Roger says:

    In interested in Seeing All your models and prices.

  3. Sea Jacobs says:

    Hi, can you please send me a price on a two bedroom zenkaya deliverd to Naboomspruit plus minus 200 km from JHB.


    Sean Jacobs

  4. stephanie williams says:

    Would like more info onthe small cabins . Pricing and delvery

    charges. Thank you.

  5. Vera says:

    Looking to buy one need more info want to use as guest house.Please sedn more info price included,shipping and handling charges.

  6. Prefab Fan says:

    Wow! Zenkaya – For real ? you have a lot going on with these guys at Zenkaya…
    I would like to take this opportunity and remind our readers that is not a prefab manufacturer or designer. We are a directory website listing modern prefab home designs.

  7. Allison Belnap says:

    I am interested in buying, 2 studio zenkaya and one 2 bdrm. Zen Kaya. May I please have more pictures. Would I get a discount for buying 3 homes at once and do you know the shipping costs to Washington State USA? Please include tax costs. Thank You, Allison Phone # is 1-360-912-2901 and 1-360-928-0224.

  8. Angiolina Mascitto says:

    Very interesting. I would like more info and photos.

  9. William Davis says:

    Do these hold up well in a east coast beach environment? Do you have any designs for this particular area?
    Bill Davis

  10. shelley van Braningen says:

    Have tried a couple of times to contact you. Have a farm outside of Greyton in the Western Cape and are thinking of installing 7 of the zenkaya 2 bedroomed homes. please advise re cost per unit

  11. Joan Hall says:

    I want to find out what the price ranges for the zen kaya homes are and the sizes available as well please. And then as well: how does the delivery and building of the houses work? I need a response as soon as possible please.

  12. Zenkaya - For real ? says:

    Hi there,

    Found different articles speaking about the concept of Zenkaya.
    Interesting. But no price, no real installation – just lately some clinky videos on a poor flash website – yerk…
    Is there really somebody behind this? Or is it just some kind of a student project?
    Very very disapointing…

    As says the website:

    “ZENKAYA is for the discerning people who value things differently. Those who appreciate their time and don’t want to embark in unforseen substantial amount of time and energy in design process.”

    Sure – because you never know when somebody from Zenkaya will even reply to you…

    “ZENKAYA is quality driven
    Zenkaya uses only quality materials and
    qualified artisans in order to provide the best product.”

    Yep, they apparently never ever find an artisan to really build one real house that was delivered to a real client.

    “ZENKAYA is hassle free
    Your house in a day. Here is the catch. It will take us
    approximalively 12 weeks to complete it but you will
    see us only a couple of days.”

    But it will take you years before somebody answer your email.

    “ZENKAYA is Eco Friendly
    Zenkaya is all about nature.
    We leave your site undisturbed without using large
    foundations. We minimize materials quantities and
    waste at the factory.”

    Sure, you will never see one on any real installation – except one that was apparently installed on a demo site years ago…

    “ZENKAYA is affordable
    At Zenkaya we make a point of giving you a price like
    a car and not a quotation like a builder ensuring no
    un-necessary surprises.”

    But you will be really lucky if you ever get a price from Zenkaya.
    They never have time to reply to any contact.

    Seems like a nice concept, but pity, nothing behind – only marketing…

    Just stay away from these guys, and you will save A LOT of your time.

  13. Noor says:

    We are intrested in your product, could you tell us pricing


  14. niels says:

    Dear Sir,

    Please more information?
    Thanks in advance.

    Regards Niels

  15. This is a great idea, and is a fantastic looking design as well. Hopefully this sort of thing will take off over the next few years. I think pre-fabricated offices are a good way to enable working from home, which seems to be a more and more common way of working during the 21st centruy

Any thoughts?