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These modern concrete prefabs are actually turn-key villas for M2. Both the facade and the roof are “dressed” in black, which seems as if they are blending into a single unit. Various exterior finishes include cement or timber cladding.

Both prefabricated models are based on large interior spaces, like the kitchen, dining room and living area, overlooking the garden while at the same time bringing in plenty of sunlight. On the other hand, private areas of the house are situated in the opposite angle, closed in by a glass wall.

Model: Kip + X Houses.
Small model total floor space: 1,658 sq. ft.
Large model total floor space: 1,938 sq. ft.

Prefab home design: 3XN.
Manufacturer: M2.
Prefab plans: N/A.
Prices: N/A.

By | September 6th, 2010

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    Please forward me some information and prices from your prefabs house products.

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    More info to build in VA please

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    Please forward me info on your prefab home products. Include some prices so I can develop some thoughts and values.

    We are developers and residential property owners.

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    George Sugarman

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    Appreciate you sharing, great article post. Much obliged.

  6. I always held the strong beleif that concrete and glass would be the most popular prefab eventuality due to the minimum effect upon the environment once the concrete H20 byproduct mix is in full effect the carbon eating alone is attractrive !
    These types of boxy homes are poured in place ,Layered with rebar coated in teflon or polymer and then lit up with a great wall of glass they are the strongest option in homes minus earthbermed and that is just a twin with more feasability in heat recovery and element protection for this is not just concrete prefab this is the future of prefab if the weather keeps going the way it is ?

Any thoughts?