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Imagine a commute to work without having to journey any further than your own driveway. Or how about being only a hop, skip, and a jump away from your fridge? Although working from home is not a new idea, the UK is taking the notion of telecommuting to a whole new level.
Introducing the OfficePod.

This state-of-the-art prefab office space is redefining the way people work, making it more efficient and ecologically friendly at the same time. Resembling something from the Starship Enterprise, this mini workstation’s futuristic design features a curved shape and glass window walls offering complimentary semi-panoramic views of your freshly manicured garden.

The OfficePod’s ultramodern interior is just as impressive as its sleek exterior, optimizing every square inch to meet your professional needs. Each OfficePod includes a desk, ample storage, heating, power, and hookups for phone and internet connections (air conditioning is optional).

In addition to its smart design, independent research shows that working individuals, who transitioned from 5 days working in a traditional office building to 3 days in the OfficePod plus 2 days in the work center, cut down their CO2 emissions by 63 percent. Not only will this mini office cut down your carbon footprint, it will also cut down all those pesky distractions so you might actually get some work done.

By | November 27th, 2012

Hello Prefab Fans!
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  1. John Palincsar says:

    i am building a home in Cape Coral Florida and would like an office in the garden. Please send info about pricing, compliance with building codes (in general), dimensions,site preparation and on site assembly.

  2. phil Craddock says:

    i would love to build one in my yard here in the US, will you share the plans?

  3. mark morris says:

    please will you send me pricing of the office pod.

  4. Sandra Fierro says:

    Looking for a small office- would like to know sizes and prices

  5. Linda says:

    How much do they start at? I cannot get past all the ads to see rates.

Any thoughts?