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If Lego and Ikea ever decided to collaborate, they may have imagined up something like the KitHaus. The KitHaus series of modern prefab modules contains limitless configuration possibilities, giving you the opportunity to design a one-of-a-kind space just for you.

KitHaus’ contemporary industrial design makes it an elemental chameleon, and can fit in with any environment such as its suburban home in Los Angeles, or tucked away from civilization amongst wild terrain. Each component is composed of your choice of eco-friendly and sustainable materials such as recycled aluminum and South American hardwood, and with its option for off grid dwelling you can build a KitHaus anywhere. And I mean anywhere!

Since the average size of the modules is less than 120 sf. (except for the K4 module) you won’t need a building permit to set up shop. Although, the lack of plumbing on the majority of the modules make them unsuitable for daily living… unless you are very rugged.

Each unit is made with lightweight SIPs and uses a revolutionary locking system that makes building your kit so simple you could do it yourself. Better yet, these small prefabs are built on steel “feet” so a foundation is not even necessary (in most cases). Optional solar panels allow it to be independently powered, or you can connect to an exterior generator or homestead source.

These compact dwellings were designed with versatility in mind, whether it be for an art studio, a remote workstation, or poolside ultralounge, the KitHaus can be built to suit.

By | December 11th, 2012

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  1. Baja says:

    Nice product, but I don’t get the market niche at all. The 289 sq. ft. module works out to about $250/square foot. Why would anyone pay that much when they could hire an architect and GC and get exactly what they want for half that?

Any thoughts?