Two-Tree House

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Satisfy your inner child in this ultimate prefab tree house. Making its statement amongst Jerusalem’s pinewood forest, the Two-Tree House by Golany Architects is a tree hugger’s dream. Respectfully built around two regal pine trees, this rural home perfectly integrates with its natural surroundings.

At first glance you may be fooled to think that this rugged domain is as antique as its hardwood neighbors. Its aged exterior finish mimics the maturity of its native environment, while unpretentious details of rustic iron hardware camouflage any hint of its 21st century bearings made from a recycled shipping container.

Encase in timber, the tree house’s minimalist interior remains constant to its low maintenance exterior with its ceramic flooring and low profile windows. Outside and perched above a partial stone foundation; the dual decks offer optimal views of the serene landscape at the bow and stern of this charming get away.

If you are looking to escape from modern civilization, the Two-Tree house will definitely take you back to the good old days.

By | December 18th, 2012

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