Gindi Holdings Sales Center

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This see-through showroom in Shoham, Israel is a modernist’s dream. Streamlined in an L shape formation, this sophisticated glass edifice by Pitsou Kedem Architects offers supreme views of its surrounding landscape.

Its A-symmetrical design is continued throughout the structure down to the hardwood decking and finely manicured shrubbery. A slate brick accent component makes a bold statement against its transparent counterparts, as a whitewashed base and canopy frame the entire assembly.

The interior features oversized pivoting doors, polished concrete flooring, and a contemporary blend of muted textures with pops of color. There is no need to flick on a switch during the daytime since the walls of windows immerse every square inch in natural light thus reducing the amount of energy use, while floor to ceiling slats of timber provide dancing shade as the sun travels throughout the day.

This prefab pavilion is set above a monochromatic palate of green vegetation and floating over shallow reflecting moat at the base of the campus’ starboard side. In order to reduce CO2 emissions and lower its carbon footprint the center was prefabricated offsite and built from a metal frame using lightweight materials. The entire project was constructed within 3 months.

By | December 31st, 2012

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